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How to Cancel LA Fitness Membership [Quick & Easy]

By Kyle Kapper

Updated Sep 30, 2023

Cancel LA Fitness Membership

    Many adults make resolutions every year to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This might include eating healthier, drinking more water, consuming alcohol in moderation, and joining a gym to increase their physical activity. And though gyms provide a great outlet for many, with access to high-quality fitness equipment, membership costs can add up. For this reason, many gym members decide to quit the gym to coin the famous phrase from the former sitcom Friends. But how do you cancel a gym membership, and more specifically, cancel an LA Fitness Membership?

    How Do I Cancel My LA Fitness Membership?

    Joining LA Fitness is a lucrative and wise investment for many who want to become more physically fit, especially since they offer competitive prices compared to other gyms. With over 540 club locations across the U.S., they offer two plans that indicate what is included and how much you can expect to pay.

    All Clubs Nationwide Access (Includes 1 Guest Privilege & Courts)All Clubs Nationwide Access (Includes 1 Guest Privilege & Courts)
    Monthly Cost$39.99 per month + $99 initiation fee$49.99 per month + $0 initiation fee
    Inclusions– Access to all clubs nationwide – Personal fitness assessment at no charge – Access to unlimited group fitness classes – Access to the club pool, spa, and sauna – Use of all premium weights, strength equipment, and cardio equipment– Access to all clubs nationwide – Personal fitness assessment at no charge – Access to unlimited group fitness classes – Access to the club pool, spa, and sauna – Use of all premium weights, strength equipment, and cardio equipment

    A standard membership can run you almost $500 a year, making those workouts expensive if they can only get there once or twice a month. These costs can add up, especially if you can’t get to the gym as often as you might like. For this reason, members may choose to suspend or cancel their membership.

    Canceling your LA Fitness gym membership can help you cut ties to pursue other options that better align with your health and wellness needs. For both options, it is easiest to visit the Membership Questions section of the LA Fitness website to download their membership cancellation form. But you must decide whether to suspend your membership or cancel it altogether. Suspending your membership can save you fees should you wish to rejoin later.

    Suspending Your LA Fitness Membership

    It may be a good idea to suspend your LA Fitness Membership if you don’t plan to use it for 30 days or more and your dues are more than $10 monthly. Different parameters and fees are related to your membership suspension based on how you pay your dues.

    Type of Due PaymentSuspension Guidelines
    MonthlyYou may suspend your membership for as long as you need for a $10 monthly fee. When you are ready to unfreeze your account, LA Fitness will charge you the pro-rated amount of your regular dues for that month.
    Paid in FullYou may suspend your membership for up to six months after you pay the LA Fitness account suspension freeze fee of $35. The expiration date of your membership will extend for the time you suspend your account.
    Bi-WeeklyYou may suspend your membership for as long as you need, for $5 billed every two weeks. When you are ready to unfreeze your LA Fitness membership, they will charge you the pro-rated amount of your regular dues owed for those two weeks.

    You can successfully suspend your membership by visiting the LA Fitness website, selecting the My LA Fitness tab, logging into your account, and selecting the “Freeze” option.

    Canceling Your LA Fitness Membership

    If you’re a member of LA Fitness and want to cancel your membership, there are some things you should know. Thankfully, the process to cancel your membership is simple, but you need to know where to start.

    You can cancel your membership in one of two ways. But first, you must complete the cancellation form that can be downloaded from the LA Fitness website.

    • Navigate to the LA Fitness website.

    • Click on My LA Fitness or the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of your computer or device screen to log in.

    • Select the Account Information tab

    • Select the option for Cancellation Form

    • Print and complete the membership Cancellation Form

    Cancellation OptionsCancellation Guidelines
    By MailMail your completed membership cancellation form to LA Fitness via certified or priority mail at: PO Box 54170 Irvine, CA 92619-4170 Alternatively, you can send your completed cancellation agreement to the address listed on the form. You should send the completed membership cancellation form by certified or priority mail through the United States Parcel Service (USPS) and keep a copy for your personal records. To avoid further membership fees, your cancellation must be postmarked five business days before the date of your next bill. If it is postmarked in less than five business days, you may be billed one more time. However, in this case, LA Fitness will refund that additional billing without further action from you. Your cancellation will go into effect when your membership term concludes if you are still within the initial term of your fitness contract.
    In-PersonBring your completed form to the nearest LA Fitness between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. Please note that exact availability for in-club cancellations may vary based on the Operations Manager’s availability. If you deliver the notice in person, getting a copy of the cancellation documentation for your records is recommended.

    Can I Reactivate My LA Fitness Membership After I Cancel?

    If you cancel your LA Fitness membership but wish to rejoin later, you can submit your information for account reactivation. To do this, visit the Account Reactivation page and submit the requested information. If the LA Fitness application does not recognize you, you must visit a club location for the next steps.

    5 Alternatives to LA Fitness

    If you’re not happy with LA Fitness or just looking for a new environment to work out in, here are five great alternatives to LA Fitness. You can learn how to cancel these alternatives by clicking their name.

    Blink FitnessBlink Fitness is an affordable gym chain offering clean, modern facilities focusing on essential workout equipment and functional training. They aim to provide a friendly and inclusive environment.
    Crunch FitnessCrunch Fitness is a gym chain known for its wide variety of group classes, personal training, and diverse equipment options. They cater to fitness enthusiasts seeking a fun and energetic atmosphere.
    Planet FitnessPlanet Fitness is a popular low-cost gym chain offering a judgment-free zone for beginners and casual gym-goers. They provide basic equipment, group fitness classes and have locations nationwide.
    24 Hour Fitness24 Hour Fitness is a national chain of health clubs offering a variety of fitness equipment, group classes, personal training, and amenities. They operate 24/7 to accommodate all schedules.
    YMCAYMCA is a nonprofit health club and gym that provides health and fitness programs for children and communities.
    OrangeTheoryOrangeTheory is a group exercise program that combines high-intensity aerobic with weight training. Heart rate monitors track workouts for maximum efficiency, encouraging post-exercise calorie burn.
    Anytime FitnessAnytime Fitness is a global gym chain offering 24/7 access to cardio and strength training equipment, group classes, and personal training. They focus on convenience and accessibility.
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